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BMP®  Bi-Modal Protection is the Dox-al patented technology used to fix active ingredients, such as vitamins, trace elements and antibiotics to a carrier in two separate phases by means of a mixture of additives.

This is no simple manufacturing process; it is a more complex form of technology that uses supports and fixers selected after careful evaluations.
The characteristics of the products treated with the BMP® process have, over time, become reference standards for the drawing up of European safety directives, such as coated granulated cobalt (II) carbonate 3b304, coated granulated sodium selenite 3b802 and coated granulated calcium iodate anhydrous 3b203.


Unlike traditional premixes obtained simply by diluting the active ingredients, BMP® increases the stability of the product through the protective coating that reduces the inactivating effects of air, moisture and trace elements.


In addition, the size of the BMP® granules is adapted from time to time depending on the combination with the target food, to allow maximum mixing and thus ensure that the administration of supplements reaches all the animals and in the expected quantities.


Initially designed to limit the toxicity of some additives, it is suitable for coating any chemical agent not only to neutralize any hazardous effect it may have but also to make sure that it is not degraded or modified through contact with other substances.

Discover the features and the impact of the bi-modal protection BMP® (Patented)
The BMP® technology was inspired by Dox-al’s desire to constantly improve its products and manufacturing processes, using research to explore new pathways.
Pathways oriented by the clarity of its objectives, which consist in improving the health of the operators as well as that of the animals.
A minor revolution with major results that Dox-al has put at everybody’s disposal.
Uniform distribution of the active ingredient depends on one property in particular: flowability. When it is low, as in powders, underdosing or overdosing may occur.
The BMP® technology enables the technological properties of micro-ingredient to be modified by increasing the size of the particles, whether the product is a raw material, premix or supplementary feed.
It also increases flowability, which improves the dosing of the products mixed.
The particle size of each product is designed and produced to ensure compatibility with the ingredients of the feed to which it is to be added.
The surface of the particles of a BMP® product is rough and uneven so as to adapt to the characteristics of the feed.
If two materials with a different specific weight and density are mixed, they readily become unmixed and separate.
This happens with powders but not with BMP® granules, because they are formulated with a density compatible with that of the feed.
As a BMP® granule is larger and denser than an equivalent volume of powder, the surface area that comes into contact with the atmospheric agents is reduced and consequently the active ingredients inside are protected against processes like oxidation.
With BMP®, all the particles of the various active ingredients, which could spoil if they were to come into in contact with one another, are kept separate.
The BMP® granules enable the single elements to remain stable because the single particles contained in every granule are homogeneous: the contents of one granule are protected against contact with the contents of another granule.
Every BMP® granule has a coating made up of surfactants, selected to neutralize the hydrophilic or lipophilic properties of the particles coated. In this way, as required, the granule can be made stable both in the presence of aqueous solutions and in mixtures with oily substances.
BMP® granules cannot be inhaled because they do not present microparticles that can be suspended in the air (no fraction

L’emissione di polvere nell’ambiente porta inevitabilmente a due conseguenze:
• Risk of contact with the skin, ingestion and, above all, inhalation of significant quantities of micro-ingredients by operators;
• Actual loss of micro-ingredients from the feed, with consequent economic damage for the manufacturer and functional damage for the animal.
Due to their structure and aggregation, the BMP® granules do not emit any dust into the air.
This is why the surface area of the skin that could come into contact with a particle is smaller than that of an equivalent volume of powder.
During distribution of the feed, the various parts of the installations (screw conveyors and mixers) may generate electrical charges that create attraction and a non-uniform distribution.
The BMP® granules, which are larger and have a higher specific weight than powder, reduce this considerably.
BMP® granules are also effective from the point of view of using all of the product.
In fact, the granules mix uniformly and do not disintegrate so they do not create dust. They are also resistant to static electricity and have a lipophilic and hydrophilic coating.
Due to these characteristics, products manufactured with the BMP® technology minimize the effects of cross-contamination.
The size of the granule is chosen according to the customer’s needs, with processes and installations developed and constructed on the basis of principles established during the company’s long-term experience.
The quality of the finished products is ensured by full control of all phases of production.
And this helps our customers to optimize their own manufacturing processes and improve their products.

BMP® advantages for:

BMP® Vantaggi Nutrizionista

The nutritionist

Used to reach predetermined objectives in terms of guaranteed optimum intakes reducing risks for overdoses or under dosage.
BMP® Vantaggi Mangime

The feed

Controlled particle size, not hydrophilic or lipophilic, no static electricity: optimum characteristics for high mixing efficiency.
BMP® Vantaggi Operatore

The operator

Safe to handle: no inhalable dusts smaller than 50 microns.
BMP® Vantaggi Impianti

The environment

No fine dust emissions during preparation or use. Marked reduction in environmental pollution.
BMP® Vantaggi Animale

The animal

Accurate dosing of the active ingredients and certainty of their bioavailability in time.
BMP® Vantaggi Ambiente

The plants

Optimum flowability, no caking, it improves the stability of the premix and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
BMP® Vantaggi Allevatore

For stock farmers

Guaranteed administration of proper doses of active principles, without any need for costly overdoses.


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