Captex® is a range of innovative products that physically englobe the toxins as well as degrading them with enzymes.

Captex line has concretely helped customers in all world reducing problems caused by mycotoxins, either the plant ones or the storage ones. Different products aimed at different species or situations, but all including toxins adsorbing, capturing and bio-transforming active substances, able to reduce risks and troubles at the farm level.

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of moulds that develop in the field and during storage. They have been shown to be toxic even at extremely low doses, which are normally measured in parts per billion (ppb).

Over the past few years, methods of analysis have resulted in the identification of more than 500 different compounds, of which the most common with the greatest impact on livestock performance are AFLA, DON, ZEA, FUMO, OTA, NIV and CIT.

Dox-al strategy benefits

No unnecessary waste of products

Real-time treatment cost

Real-time Captex dosage

Real-time antimold dosage

Real-time customer profile

Real-time mycotin results

In-depth laboratory tests conducted at various research centers across the world have demonstrated the efficacy of Captex against many mycotoxins, which has led to the creation of this innovative range of products.


The first product combining adsorptive and enzymatic-degradation activities against mycotoxins, including T-2, H-T2


A new and powerful formula specifically designed for dairies (Afla in feed and Afla M1 in milk).


The new improved formula for monogastrics with glucose biopolymers from seaweed Laminaria digitata and Laminaria Hyperborea. The coupling of the anti-toxin activity with the presence of seaweed extracts such as Laminarin and Fucoidan, glucose bio-polymers is known to help keeping a healthy gut environment and a reactive intestinal immune system, thus strengthening the gut barrier and delaying mycotoxin spread through the bloodstream.


A specific formulation to focus the activity against mycotoxins from Fusarium molds, (DON, Zea, and Trichothecenes)

Dox-al offers customers an effective monitoring of mycotoxins presence in their feedstuffs, through a real-time assay carried out by a reliable toxin tester: it is the customer himself who is in position to decide whether does he need to treat or not and, in the positive, to adopt the most useful Captex dosage.


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