Company Policy

The Company Policy is based on the Company principles of fairness, compliance with regulations, social responsibility and request of adherence to these principles to each individual operating in and/or with/for the Company.

We have always sustained that success can only be achieved through the commitment of all Employees and Collaborators. Everyone with their competence, professionalism and dedication contributes to the continuous improvement of results and the growth of the Company culture.

Dox-al has always been committed to the improvement of Quality and Safety and has always considered it as a primary objective and “conditio sine qua non” to produce safe products, also through innovative solutions aimed at animal nutrition and care.


In our history you will find three concepts that have accompanied us on our path of continuous growth: ‘KNOWLEDGE, APPLICATION, INNOVATION’.

It encapsulates our passion for studying, our knowledge, our ability to find methods and areas to apply our knowledge, attentive to the signals coming from our Customers. And always aiming to do this in the best possible way.

Ours is a unique way of being and doing things, which can be summed up in a few words: “Feed Good & Feel Good”.

Our mission is therefore connected to the core themes of Social Responsibility: Integrity, Human Rights Protection, Workers’ Health and Safety, Environment, Product Quality and Customer and Community Focus.


The Culture of Food Safety for Dox-al goes beyond the need to comply with the requirements of food standards. It is the attitude towards daily activities and the modus operandi of Dox-al.

We offer the opportunity to share and communicate issues, to help improve the Culture of Quality and Safety throughout the Company.


Dox-al dedicates commitment and attention to Quality, Safety and Environmental issues and these have always been important and predominant themes, inherent in our very DNA. These beliefs are an integral part of our business, so much that Dox-al has always manufactured technological products: safe for those who produce them, safe for the animal they are fed to, safe for the supply chain operator who handles them, and last but not least, safe for the environment that hosts us.



A philosophy that allows us to move into the future with our Employees, Co-workers, Customers and Suppliers, keeping faith to our vision: TOGETHER, FURTHER ON


because we have achieved our goals by favoring and supporting the collaboration both inside and outside the company, with projects conducted with research centers, universities, other companies and our customers.

“Further on”

because we have never started from the scratch, but we have been treasuring our history and our experiences, and we are always looking for opportunities to grow and make our Customers grow.


We believe that a quality product MUST be a safe product for our operators, for the animals, for the Environment and for the operators in the supply chain who handle them.

Consistent with its development strategy, Dox-al has defined the following points:


Social Responsibility

Dox-al is aware of the social impact of its activities and maintains the standards expected of a responsible Company, both in its dealings with external Suppliers and through the proper conduct of business.

By sustaining the following principles, we aim to conduct our activities according to the highest standards and expect the same from our Suppliers:

  1. We will not encourage or sustain the use of child
  2. We will not encourage or sustain the use of forced labour.
  3. We shall provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  4. We shall respect the right of employees to join trade unions of their choice and to bargain
  5. We will not engage in or sustain discrimination in our activities based on race, ancestry, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation or
  6. We will not engage in or sustain the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse.
  7. We will comply with applicable laws and industry standards regarding working
  8. We will ensure that wages paid meet legal or minimum industry
  9. We will not knowingly engage in business associated with any activity that is corrupt or that contravenes moral, legal or social codes of
  10. We will operate according to the highest ethical standards and respect the cultural diversity of the markets in which we

Dox-al operates in the marketplace as a producer of integrity and compliance through the following commitments:

  1. We will comply with all antitrust or competition laws that guarantee free
  2. We oppose


A. CATEGORIES OF DATA: subject of treatment can be your personal information such as identification data, personal data and contact details.

B. DATA CONTROLLER: the data controller is Dox-al  Italia S.p.A., Via Pietro Mascagni, 6 – 20884 Sulbiate (MB ), VAT number 00729770966 , which can be contacted by phone at 039.62051 or by email

C. SOURCE OF PERSONAL DATA: the personal data held by the Data Controller are collected directly from the interested party.

D. PURPOSE OF DATA PROCESSING AND LEGAL BASIS: the processing of your data, collected and stored in relation to the completion of this form, has your consent as its legal basis and is carried out for the following purposes: to provide assistance and technical support services or information required

E. DATA RECIPIENTS: within the limits relevant to the processing purposes indicated, your data may be disclosed to partners, consultancy companies, private companies, appointed as Managers by the Data Controller. Your data will not be disseminated in any way.

F. TRANSFER OF DATA TO THIRD COUNTRIES: this site may share some of the data collected with services located outside the European Union area.

G. PERIOD OF CONSERVATION: the data collected will be kept for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed (” conservation limitation principle “, Article 5, GDPR) or according to the deadlines set by the regulations of law. The verification of the obsolescence of the data stored in relation to the purposes for which they were collected is carried out periodically.

H. RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY: the interested party always has the right to request the Data Controller to access your data, correct or delete them, limit the processing or the possibility of opposing the processing, to request data portability , to revoke the consent to the processing by asserting these and the other rights provided by the GDPR by simply communicating to the Data Controller. The interested party can also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

I. OBLIGATORY OR LESS CONFERRAL: we inform you that the provision of data is optional for some fields and compulsory for others (indicated by an asterisk) and their failure to provide it involves the failure to perform the requested service.

J . DATA PROCESSING METHOD: the personal data you provide will be the subject of processing operations in compliance with the aforementioned legislation and the confidentiality obligations which inspire the activity of the Data Controller. The data will be processed both with IT tools and on paper and on any other type of suitable support, in compliance with the appropriate security measures pursuant to the GDPR.

K . AUTOMATED DECISION-MAKING PROCESSES: there are no automated decision-making processes

Last update: November 2020