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Our products and our plants have achieved more than just one certification. We have obtained several ones.

This means having to undergo frequent and wide-ranging checks, which involve all the moments of the production process.
The breadth and rigor of the requirements by the various regulations are transformed into guarantees for our Customers and for the final consumers, who are sure to use food and drugs made to the highest quality standards.

Dox-al has identified a path of actions aimed at defining ways and practices for the continuous improvement of its processes, summarized in the document “DOX-AL HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY“.


ISO 14001
It consists in the certification of the adoption of environmental sustainability policies. These are related to the reduction of the consumption of natural resources and energy, the prevention of pollution and the increase of the credibility and the improvement of the image of the company.

ISO 45001
It is the worldwide recognized certification for the management of health and safety at work. This requirement is used by major international companies to qualify their suppliers. It gives evidence of the company’s attention and enforcement of legislation on workplace safety.

Produzione di farmaci

GMP Authorization
Dox-al is a site for the manufacture of veterinary drugs according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard, in order to guarantee the efficacy, safety and quality requirements of the medicines placed on the Italian and foreign market, both EEA and extra EEA. Our pharmaceutical workshop meets the EEA GMP requirements, verified and certified by the Italian regulatory authorities.
In 2015 we get the authorization to manufacture pharmaceutical products according to the reference GMP standards in Saudi Arabia.

Production of Nutritional Premixtures and Additives

It is a European code of good practice for companies active in the production of additives and premixes for feeds. Its goal is the management of the different phases in total safety from the point of view of hygiene and sanitation. The FAMI QS certification allows full compliance with industry regulations and encourages us to regularly re-evaluate our processes, with a view to continuous improvement.

GMP+ Certification
Dox-al chooses to achieve a GMP + (Feed Safety Assurance) certification because it combines the attention to quality system management (FAMIQS) with that of risk control (HACCP) and involves a significant improvement in the overall quality of the company .
The GMP + certificate (FSA) is a tool allowing our company to manage procedures in order to reduce risks, given the need to have procedures and a control system to comply with them. Having already a historical familiarity with quality standards manufacturing practices, because of the nature of the activities of our Pharmaceutical Workshop, and being already on a quality system, we decided to formalize the certification.
The working methods, that have been further refined, contribute to make the company organization even more efficient, facilitate the planning and design of the activities, limit the occurrence of unexpected events and errors, and positively influence the cost saving .
All advantages that impact the quality of our supplements and feed and the cost we can offer to our Customers.
In addition, we considered to give our contribution to the creation of an ever wider value chain, through the enrichment of the network of over 20,000 certified companies in over 80 countries.
The more companies produce, transform, store and transport in identical ways, the safer the feed produced becomes, for the safer nutrition of everyone.

QS Certification
QS certification is a standard required by the German GDO, that ensures transparency and safety in food production. The QS inspection system covers all stages of the food chain – from production to processing and marketing. Participating companies are subject to strict QS requirements, for example, for traceability or hygiene. The companies are certified to ensure that the product on sale for the final consumer has passed the various stages in compliance with the rigidly established and periodically verified processes.
The “farm to fork” scheme guarantees the application of the protocols of the quality systems in all stages of meat / milk / egg production, as well as fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes. This means that the products in the supply chain, starting from agricultural production, to mineral, vitamin and amino acid additives, from premixes, to complementary feeds, etc. must meet the required standards. Specific protocols are also applied to slaughter procedures, transport, storage and distribution.
Only products that have passed all the steps required by the QS scheme can be labeled with the certification logo, which therefore becomes an important quality assurance for the consumer, from field to dish.
For Dox-al the certification is part of the already existing protocols, and adds a further plus for its customers, to facilitate them in their possible access to the QS system.

Ma il latte doveva essere raccolto, pastorizzato, confezionato e, infine, venduto. Così abbiamo fornito gli strumenti e i materiali necessari per far arrivare il latte e i suoi derivati dal produttore al consumatore. Inventando anche il canale di vendita, quando non c’era, e insegnando come gestire un’attività, e a come fare i conti per non trasformare un obiettivo in un miraggio. In questo modo i prodotti dalle aree rurali hanno raggiunto i centri abitati di Tillarbeye della capitale Niamey, e la macchina del latte ha cominciato a girare.


FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification, Kosher and Hal-al
They consist in the adoption of particular procedures and/or compliance with production standards that allow recognition for distribution in countries such as the USA, the Mediterranean area and the Middle East, for food products.