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  1. 1967-storia-Doxal


    It's our birthdate

    It’s our date of birth, as a spin-off of the veterinary division of a Dutch multinational company. We are almost pioneers in this field, with a passion and enthusiasm that still inspire our work today.

    If the enthusiasm of those days is intact, the technological and financial resources are very different today: Dox-al has become a solid and well-established group.

  2. Doxal sede di Monza 1968


    Our first plant

    We celebrate our first year and move our first steps as a manufacturer. The emotion of the first factory, in Monza, is never forgotten, as well as our debut in a new world.
  3. 1974


    Dox-al Italia is born

    After having consolidated the first results, we are ready for a new challenge and create a new independent company: Dox-al Italia SpA.

  4. 1977


    Dox-al ten years later

    The decade does not only confirm the expectations of the origins but also raises the bar, with new and more ambitious goals.

    The increase in demand makes us move our production plant to Correzzana (MB), in a building having the appropriate size for the company’s development.

  5. 1982


    Our technological research evolves and allows us to develop highly innovative products such as THEPAX®, the revolutionary prebiotic obtained through the application of advanced biotechnology.
    It’s one of the international patents registered by Dox-al.

  6. 1985



    The need of preserving the health and well-being of animals and operators leads to the creation of bimodal protection BMP®, a cutting-edge technology that responds to the most severe safety requirements for the operator and the environment.

    It is another international patent, that will spread all over the world.

  7. 1994


    Dox-al joins CRAFT

    The growth of our international presence and the care for the environment, that are both parts of our genetic code, prompt us to join Craft – an EU cooperative research program.
  8. 1998

    We open our new premise

    Thirty years from the first production plant in Monza: another stage in our path.
    It is the turn of Sulbiate (MB): a new site for the production of medicines and technological products, where we also establish our research laboratories.
  9. 2003


    We fix our headquarter in Sulbiate

    We finally move our offices to Sulbiate (near Monza), which becomes our main operating headquarter.
    The centralization of the activities, the size, the layout of the site, further to the aesthetic value of the building are a step forward for the quality of our work.
  10. 2007


    R&D Lab

    The increasing importance of the research decides us for the realization of an R&D lab to engineer our manufacturing processes. We start also a chemical laboratory next to a microbiological one, and a laboratory dedicated to the analysis of mold and mycotoxins.

    All of them are authorized to carry out analysis on behalf of third parties.

  11. 2013 doxal middle east



    We launch M.E.D.R.O. (Middle East Dox-al Representative Office) an office in Cairo, Egypt, to manage and coordinate the business and our promotional activities in North Africa and in the Near and Middle East.
  12. cobalto carbonato bmp


    Safe Cobalt Carbonate

    We obtain the European 3b-304 recognition for Cobalt II carbonate in BMP® granules; the legislator uses the BMP® granule as a reference for the definition of the characteristics useful to guarantee health and safety protection for all operators and users of potentially toxic materials.

  13. Fedro - Far East Doxal Representative Office



    We start cooperating with Fedro, a distributor that acts as our logistic and commercial point of reference to coordinate our activities in the Far East and Pacific area.